Let’s knows the need for the Arm Lift operation

Let’s knows the need for the Arm Lift operation

An upper arm lift is commonly known as Brachioplasty. This is the one of the surgical procedure to reshape the upper arm and tighten the loose skin. This technique is used to remove the extra fat in order to remove the bat wing appearance. This condition can occur due to weight loss or natural aging. Liposuction is mostly used in order to achieve the desired level of the results.

The upper arm is usually stretched with the loss of the skin tone or increased level of the fat. When the skin is stretched, this can never go back to the original state. There is no need to be more concerned, we are popular for providing the best arm lift surgery in India.

Factors responsible for the skin stretching.

Muscle tone.
Fat between the skin and muscle.

Sagging skin is not the common issue. Most of the women complaints that fat deposit in the upper arm that does not go with the exercise or dieting. These types of the arms are known as the tuckshop arms.

Types of arm lift surgery:

Full Brachioplasty

This process involves the removal of the excess fat from the upper arm with the help of the Liposuction and helps to tailor the overlying skin.


This is suitable for those patients who are minimum excess skin and good skin tone. In this case, Incisions are smaller and also hidden in the Armpit. The only advantage of this technique is that it has the shorter incisions and surgery times.


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