Is Liposuction emerging as the leading Cosmetic Procedure?

Is Liposuction emerging as the leading Cosmetic Procedure?

Also known as Lipo, liposuction is currently accumulating a higher demand than in the past decade. The procedure, which involves removing extra or excess fat with the help of a specialized instrument known as the cannula is believed to be the best body fixer among women.

Also applicable to males, liposuction can fix any body part, provided there is subcutaneous fat or stubborn fat that has failed to respond to diet and physical exercises. Dr. VJ clinic, which is one of the best Liposuction centres in India registers an ever-increasing number of liposuction consultants.

With the high rate of obesity due to poor eating habits, better stands of living, freedom and so on, males and females end up gaining more weight and fat, especially in the abdominal region. The Liposuction Surgery in India isn’t a weight loss technique, but can ultimately fix that sagging belly and an expanded stomach due to fat.

With the best technology that provides laser assisted Lipo as a better technique with fewer risks, there is no boundary to the Lipo procedure. The newest Lipo technique (laser-assisted Lipo) helps a surgeon remove extra fat and tighten the skin for the best results.

As we age, the body happens to lose its collagen and elastin that makes it firm. New collagen is stimulated which recovers the body’s youthful appearance with a more toned body shape.

The liposuction procedure is approved to treat the following body part;

  • The Thighs

  • Tummy (stomach/belly)

  • Arms

  • Knees

  • Neck

  • Face

  • Man boobs (gynecomastia)

  • Love handles

More than 50% of Indian Men have Gynecomastia!

More than 50% of Indian Men have Gynecomastia!

Gynecomastia is a physical abnormality in men where their chest become enlarged with droopy female-like breasts. The abnormality is commonly associated with hormonal imbalances and it affects both boys and men.

On the other side, males have fat in their breast region, so at times, it is this fat that increases along with the skin. This can easily be eliminated, but Gynecomastia involves the enlargement of the glandular tissue, fat and the skin in the breasts.

Estrogen is a female hormone that happens to increase than the necessary male hormone (testosterone).

How Gynecomastia is graded

Clinical examinations describes gynecomastia in categories or grades as below;

1st Stage

Minor or small enlargement

This occurs with minor skin and the chest is generally not that large

2nd Stage

Moderate enlargement

Here, the glandular tissue is big, but with slight excess skin in the chest region.

3rd stage

Visible enlargement

The glandular tissue normally enlarges together with excess fat and skin at this stage

4th Stage

There is oversized enlargement of the glandular tissue, fat, and skin in the chest.

Your doctor may recommend a biopsy to test for breast cancer or in case one has ever suffered from cancer before treating Gynecomastia in India.

Surgery is known to be the permanent solution to gynecomastia, where the glandular tissue, fat and the skin are all eliminated at once. The incisions are made in the chest region while considering the aesthetic results or in other wards to reduce the visibility of the scars.

Liposuction may be done to take out the fat and the excess skin will also be eliminated during the surgery. Following the surgeon’s instructions will guide you through post operative recovery.

Understanding Gynecomastia. What to do

Understanding Gynecomastia. What to do

Yes, Gynecomastia is known as the enlargement of the glandular tissue, fat and the skin. Breast development in men occurs in stages and in some men, the breast may enlarge to the size of breastfeeding women.

Diagnosing Gynecomastia requires a major examination, looking at the patient’s medical history, biopsy, and blood tests

What happens during the diagnostic procedures


You may observe enlarged breasts, but it is better for the doctor to have a look at the breasts too.

In some cases, breast Carcinoma may be present, so it is best for the doctor to evaluate the hard tissue in the breasts

Though rare, the patient must be checked for breast cancer, especially those above the age of 50. This is not to rule out that breast cancer can’t occur in those below 50 years


Some patients have gynecomastia in their families, which may increase their chances of acquiring the same.

The use of steroid drugs or substances also increases one’s chances to suffer from Gynecomastia

Alcohol and drug use or abuse may also increase gynecomastia chances


Blood tests are vital to check the testosterone level in the body. Other investigations include thyroid tests and functionalities, prolactin levels and other hormone issues

Treating gynecomastia

A gynecomastia surgery in India is required in most cases to eliminate gynecomastia for good. The surgery includes removing the glandular tissue, fat and skin as the surgeon may find it necessary.

Identifying the cause of gynecomastia is very essential and that is what needs to be treated before a surgery is performed

Breast Implants and how good are they?

breast implant 1

Considering the modern era we live in, many females view breasts as actual assets and this won’t stop soon. This extends to the appearance of the general body from the head to toe.

Breast implants are one of the best solutions to obtaining bigger, fuller, as well as pleasing or attractive breasts.

Breast implants are adored more than the padded bras that women buy in clothing malls simply because they are for a lifetime or longer period. Another reason is the fact that it is your natural breasts that you will showcase at the beach or anywhere.

What does it mean to get Breast Implants

Heading to the dermatologist with an aim of obtaining breast implants will require you to first understand the following: –

Breast Implants

Breast implants fall under Breast Augmentation in India, a form of plastic surgery where specialized devices or objects are surgically inserted into your breasts to increase their size and improve their shape.

Types of Breast Implants

There are basically two types of two types of breast implants and they are;

Saline implants– these are silicone shells filled with saline water before they are inserted into or when they are inserted into the breasts.

Silicone implants– for these ones, they are filled with a silicone gel. Many women prefer these particular breast implants since they feel like the natural breasts.

Which is best, risks and Complications?

As Silicone implants are more favored, each type of breast implant poses greater risks once performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

The breast implants are approved by FDA, but knowing the pros and cons of the type of breast implant before one gets them is crucial.

Breast implants won’t stop one from breastfeeding, though a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother must consult an expert.

Breast implants have a shelf life

Complications of Saline Implants include;

  • Hematoma (bleeding)

  • Bacterial infection

  • Loss of sensitivity (Temporary)

Complications of Silicone implants

  • These pose greater complications due to the fact that they have greater chances of leakage

  • They may relocate


Identifying Your Candidacy before a hair transplant Surgery

Identifying Your Candidacy before a hair transplant Surgery

Though many are subjected to the psychological impacts of hair loss, baldness has a permanent solution which is “hair transplant”. The surgery is performed by a hair specialist who is able to extract follicular units of hair from the donor area to the bald region. This is done with the help of specialized instruments with a team headed by a professional.

However, one has to determine his or her eligibility with the surgeon before the procedure.

What makes you a good candidate

  • The Age

Hair transplant is for everyone, but your age is very crucial while determining the rate of hair loss, the hairline and its maturity. That is the main reason as to why those aged under 23 take further consultation and evaluation procedures before the actual procedure.

  • Your Health

Any chronic health issue may render one unsuitable for hair transplant depending on the evaluated side effects. They include diabetes, cancer, or any disorder with the immune system. A patient ought to discuss his or her medical history with the surgeon.

  • Extent of Hair Loss

Baldness has different levels and the immediate hair loss is not suitable for hair transplant. Visible hair loss is recommended for hair transplant.

  • One’s Commitment to Postoperative Care and Treatment

After the surgery, you will need to take proper instructions and follow them. There are numerous side effects that occur, such as bleeding, swelling, and infections in case no proper care is taken. Antibiotics must be taken as prescribed.

  • Those with Realistic Expectations

Results after the procedures are determined my many factors. Therefore, one must observe the rate of hair loss, the number of donor hairs available, and the underlying factors.

It is important to approach a surgeon in a prominent hair transplant centre for proper evaluation and consultation.

Watch out for this after a man boob reduction (Gynecomastia)

Watch out for this after a man boob reduction (Gynecomastia)

William Levy, David Beckham, Salman Khan, John Cena, and Tiger Shroff to mention but a few, are some of the guys envied for their muscular and attractive chests. They pose as role models for many youths and adults who desire to get such chests in any means.

On the other hand, those who also suffer from man boobs or gynecomastia are also trying to get tips from the stars. Gynecomastia is a common male problem observed in all ages. The issue is a result of the enlargement of the glandular tissue, accumulation of fat, and skin in the chest.

The problem may also occur due to genetic reasons, obesity, hormonal imbalances, and unclear circumstances. Most males also end up with enlarged boobs due to weight lifting and vigorous exercises.

A Gynecomastia surgery in Vizag is the only permanent solution to man boobs, but a patient must be vigilant before choosing the clinic and the surgeon due to the following possible occurrences.


Wrinkles and poor-shaped boobs are common after a breast reduction. The surgeon may have removed a large amount of fat and skin on one side than on the other side


It always occurs since a surgeon has to make an incision depending on the amount of glandular tissue, skin, or fat to be removed

Before the surgery, the surgeon has to be informed about your goals or health state. It is recommended that in the case of any chronic health condition a surgeon must be informed to avoid complications.

Check out the live procedure of Gynecomastia surgery

Two main things that lead to breast tissue in men

Two main things that lead to breast tissue in men

Babies are fond of having breast tissue due to a number of reasons. Some it may be genetics while others, good feeding. This breast tissue mostly disappears as the baby grows to maintain a flat chest until adulthood.

Further development of breast tissue in a man is known as gynecomastia. This same problem can also affect women at times, mainly causing the chest to appear like for a man though they may have breasts. In a woman, gynecomastia can be disguised while in a man it will be obvious. There are two main causes of breast tissue in a man and they are;

Hormonal imbalances

An imbalance in testosterone and estrogen will cause gynecomastia in a boy or a man. Other factors like gluttony will also increase breast tissue in boy and males

Gym exercises

Today, men take it to the gym to build their muscles and body indirectly causing breast tissue in them. Building muscles, especially in the chest requires improved eating habits, mainly having proteins in your meals.

The good news is that Gynecomastia Surgery in India is a great available opportunity for all men with undesired breast tissue. The surgery involves the removal of breast tissue, adipose tissue, and skin reduction.

To know all the details about the Gynecomastia surgery you can watch this video: