What is a female hair transplant and important facts about female hair loss?

What is a female hair transplant and important facts about female hair loss?

Hair loss has several reasons such as genetics, hormonal changes, over-styling, unhealthy diet, deep stress and pregnancy. Additionally, some medical conditions are solely responsible for hair loss in women related to cancer, AIDS, and HIV.

Various types of hair loss -:

Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Areata is caused due to an inflammatory reaction. In this type of hair loss, an individual’s own immune system attacks the roots of hair follicles. Symptoms of Alopecia Areata include the patchy shedding of hair.

Traction Alopecia
This hair loss is caused by trauma to the hair follicles due to over hairstyles. If the condition is detected early enough, the hair will regrow. Tight ponytails and extensions are the most common causes of traction alopecia.

Androgenetic Alopecia
Androgenic alopecia in women is caused due to hormonal changes, pregnancy and menopause. Moreover, genetics play a crucial role in the type of hair fall.
Telogen Effluvium
It includes symptoms related to childbirth, malnutrition, infection, major surgery, and extreme stress, that can lead to hair loss.
Hair transplant-:

Hair transplant in India is quite popular among people of all age groups because nowadays numerous people are experiencing this problem due to genetics and poor diet. A hair transplant is a procedure is done by a surgeon to prevent the hair loss. In which, an expert implants hair in the affected area of the head. The surgeon usually takes hair from the back of the head. Hair transplant is of two types- slit grafts and micrografts.

What are the causes, symptoms and types of Gynecomastia Surgery?

What are the causes, symptoms and types of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is defined as male breast reduction that removes extreme fat and glandular tissue from the chest in order to give it a masculine contour. It is additionally known as cosmetic surgery. It has several side effects such as swelling, blood clots, scarring, and infections. Nowadays, people who have excess fat on their chest, lean toward gynecomastia procedure in order to get the perfect shape. Gynecomastia surgery in Visakhapatnam is quite cheaper than other cities and nations.

Steps of the gynecomastia procedure-:

  • Excision technique-: Excision techniques are critical where excess skin and glandular tissue must be removed to give it the appropriate shape.  Additionally, this method is effective to reposition the nipple to a natural contour.
  • Liposuction Technique-:  Liposuction method is utilized to remove excess fatty tissue. It incorporates the small incisions and insertion of a cannula.
  • A combination of liposuction and excision method-: This procedure is done by both liposuction and excision methods.

Risks of gynecomastia procedure-:

An individual experience severe pain after this medical procedure for the next 3-4 days. Fatty tissues, that found in the breast may die because of surgery.

Changes in nipple may occur after the medical procedure. A patient may encounter some sort of infection after the gynecomastia surgery.


All The Know How’s of Liposuction


In spite of body positivity body taking place, globally, liposuction is still the one thing which remains on the top list, alongside plastic surgery.

Popularly called lipo surgery, it is performed under a specialist, who in the first place, injects a worn out needle via a teeny weeny hole under the skin. The fat deposits are then taken up, through the needle.

Having taken out fat from the body, completely, it seems like a marvellous shortcut to a body just ready for going to the beach, all year round, but, wait! It doesn’t get that easy. Some restrictions are there, for example not suited for all age groups, and either can people of all sizes get it done, so those who wish to go for it but your doctors have denied you get it done( for various reasons to be discussed later), please go and join a fitness regime and see the results within no time.


People who are eligible to go for it

Though liposuction seems an easy alternative, still some restrictions are there, and who said that adopting a healthy lifestyle is easy. Prior to the surgery, some things have to be taken care of, for instance, BMI has to be checked in the first place, only after that do doctors come to know, whether the person is eligible or not.

In case the patient is ‘huge’, doctors recommend them to join or do a weight management program or regime, a person found to have systematic BMI, but has risk of having heart trouble, or is found to be diabetic, needs to first look after their health, only after that can they proceed to do liposurgery.

The main basis of weight management is because lipo doesn’t work on weight management, many persons expect that post liposuction, they will lose weight, whereas, liposurgery is body sculpting, and both the things are drastically different. Weight loss is not a part of liposurgery. Since fat is light, so bringing it down or removing it is not going to bring down BMI.

There are many hospitals and doctors in India, who get this done, hence liposuction surgery in India is done on a vast scale.



Many doctors suggest 3 months of lifestyle modification, in the first place, so that the fat is reduced to quite some extent on the surgery day and patient just has to maintain his lifestyle, post-surgery.

A rest of at least 24 hours, prior surgery is recommended to the person undergoing the surgery.



About an hour goes in the surgery, on one part of the body, hence an operation including the whole body, takes no less than 4 – 6 hours. Most patients are put off to sleep, during liposuction surgery.



The cost of liposuction surgery cost in India is quite reasonable, hence people from all across the globe come here and gets them treated. The cost though does vary for just one part of the body or whole part of the body. Getting whole body surgery done costs higher than getting just a single part done.

Can I have Alopecia Areata from another person who is having it already?

Can I have Alopecia Areata from another person who is having it already?

Alopecia Areata is the non-scarring hair loss condition that can affect the person of any age and any gender. In this condition, the person can notice the sudden and abrupt loss of hair in patches.  It is the condition of hair loss that is caused by the immune system of the person. Some people think that it is the contagious condition of hair loss and they can get this problem if they will come in the contact of the person who is suffering from this condition already.

Well, it is the biggest misconception that any hair loss condition is contagious including the Alopecia Areata. It is the non-contagious condition that cannot get spread by touching. Reason for this big NO can be understood by understanding this condition and its causes.

What is Alopecia Areata condition?

What is Alopecia Areata condition?

It is the type of hair loss which occurs due to the attack of a person’s own immune system. This condition can affect the hair of scalp or even of other body parts. In this condition, immune system attacks hair follicles and stops them to grow.


It is the autoimmune condition in which the immune system of the body becomes overactive and attacks the patient’s body cells and hair follicles. The immune system mistakenly, due to some reasons attack the body cells and these cells attack the surrounding hair follicles and suppress them and even force them to fall before time and even stop their growth as a result of which person can have sudden and patchy hair loss.

This condition can be due to some infection, side effects of medications or even due to environmental factors and stress as these factors trigger the immune system and make it overactive and to attack body cells.

If you are having the sudden loss of hair in the forms of patches all over the head then you must consult the specialist for proper diagnose of the situation and for Alopecia Areata treatment in India.

Why is it not contagious?

As discussed above this is the autoimmune condition of the body that attacks internally to hair follicles. This condition does not occur due to any virus or bacteria that could spread with touching so there is nothing to be afraid from the person who is suffering from the alopecia areata and even this condition is completely curable as with the hair transplant in India patient can get back his lost hair due to this condition.

Instant Removal of Facial Acne Scars

Instant Removal of Facial Acne Scars

Pimples are the blot on   facial beauty of anyone’s beauty however one may think to escape from these pimples but escaping from their after effects is not an easy task for anyone. Pimples are the result of sweating, sebum and dust on face but with few efforts these pimples can be removed but removing the dirty acne scars is quite tough.

Black spots or the acne scars can put question mark on your beauty and these can be matter of serious concern for especially women as these scars catches easy attention so women have only two options either to get acne scar treatment in India or to put extra layers of makeup to hide these ugly scars. However makeup is not any solution for these spots or marks so getting remedial step is the best for them.

However it is true that pimple marks can hamper anyone’s beauty but it is possible that you may get rid from these scars overnight. There are possible remedies that can help you to escape from ugly spots instantly.

Following are some cures and procedure according to the spots left behind by pimples that can help you to get escape from after pimple effects.


Having clear smooth skin on face is dream of all so everyone wants to get rid from acne scars that they may have either from adolescence or young adulthood. These marks have detrimental effect on our confidence and outer look which quite matter to survive in society these days. Thanks to medical achievements these marks are possible to remove at any age with professional techniques like Microdermabrasion.

It is the special instrument that sprays exfoliating crystals on skin and removes the dead skin which is topmost layer of facial skin. This technique is used as the best acne scar treatment in India to remove pigmentation, fine lines, brown spots and aging spots from face. After treatment the unclogged pores of facial skin that get cleared prevent further acne formation. However this treatment can results best of taken from the trained and experienced professionals

Micro- needling

In this treatment hundreds of needles puncture your facial top most layer and triggers the generation of new skin free from acne and acne marks. This treatment gives best results of acne removal and leaves with the tighter and smoother skin.

Laser resurfacing or Resurfx

In this technique laser is targeted on skin marks like the micro-needling technique to damage the upper layer of skin so that surgical scars, stretch marks and aging lines can be removed.

Chemical or skin peels

It is non surgical technique in which chemical peels are applied on effected top most layer of face to remove the dead skin. This technique results into the fresh, tighter, smoother and scar free facial skin.

Facial scrubs

As the acne and acne scars effect the upper layer of skin so the regular facial scrubs can exfoliate the outer skins that can help to remove scars and boost up the healing process. It is good treatment option for people having dry skin.

Do you require Mega Liposuction? First Understand This!

Do you require Mega Liposuction? First Understand This!

Modern cosmetic techniques serve as the best option when conventional methods fail us. Indeed, what is left to be done when excessive fat fails to exit the body? A call for Liposuction must be made.

Unlike the traditional technique of liposuction, modern liposuction methods like Mega Liposuction enable over-sized patients to lose more fat than before. These techniques not only eliminate fat but facilitate perfect body contouring and the stimulation of collagen that offers a youthful appearance. In case over-sized, here is what you need to know before any procedure of Liposuction surgery in India.

imgpsh_fullsize (1)

Mega Liposuction is right for you!

Mega liposuction is a modern liposuction approach that enables the cosmetic surgeon to dispose of fat from the various parts of the body without causing harm to your health.

In modern cosmetic centres, Vaser liposuction is used during Mega Liposuction to eliminate unwanted fat cells with the main goal of attaining a slimmer body shape.

The Vaser liposuction approach is proficient in excessive fat elimination and it also enables skin tightening.

Various sessions can be scheduled and during each session, at least 10 litres of fat can be eliminated from the body.

Special compression garments are recommended post-surgery to facilitate a quick recovery with natural results.

Medications are prescribed after the surgery and these will help you relieve pain and prevent an infection.

The recovery period differs from one patient to another, depending on the amount of fat eliminated.

Make it a point to visit an experienced cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications, unnatural results, and other issues.

Let’s knows the need for the Arm Lift operation

Let’s knows the need for the Arm Lift operation

An upper arm lift is commonly known as Brachioplasty. This is the one of the surgical procedure to reshape the upper arm and tighten the loose skin. This technique is used to remove the extra fat in order to remove the bat wing appearance. This condition can occur due to weight loss or natural aging. Liposuction is mostly used in order to achieve the desired level of the results.

The upper arm is usually stretched with the loss of the skin tone or increased level of the fat. When the skin is stretched, this can never go back to the original state. There is no need to be more concerned, we are popular for providing the best arm lift surgery in India.

Factors responsible for the skin stretching.

Muscle tone.
Fat between the skin and muscle.

Sagging skin is not the common issue. Most of the women complaints that fat deposit in the upper arm that does not go with the exercise or dieting. These types of the arms are known as the tuckshop arms.

Types of arm lift surgery:

Full Brachioplasty

This process involves the removal of the excess fat from the upper arm with the help of the Liposuction and helps to tailor the overlying skin.


This is suitable for those patients who are minimum excess skin and good skin tone. In this case, Incisions are smaller and also hidden in the Armpit. The only advantage of this technique is that it has the shorter incisions and surgery times.